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Metric cable ladder

The B-Line series metric cable ladder system is solely designed to increase productivity and decrease project cost and engineering complexity by reducing the number of structural steel supports needed for cable ladder systems in heavy industrial environments. The result is a lower total installed cost solution.  The system is fully compliant with both NEMA and IEC load and electrical continuity certifications.

The steel metric cable ladder solution includes three B-Line series cable management solutions: 

  • High Performance Ladder (HPL)
  • Standard Duty Ladder (SDL)
  • Heavy Duty Ladder (HDL)

The B-Line series marine grade aluminum metric cable ladder solution includes nine (9) different series that provide different load and span capabilities to meet various application requirements.

Available in Asia and Middle East regions.

Reduce structural steel supports and lower total installed cost

Eaton’s B-Line series metallic cable ladder systems provide superior strength
to weight ratio while providing a lower total installed cost.  Its innovative
design allows for a significant reduction in the number of structural steel
supports needed in cable ladder installations while maintaining the load
carrying capacity of the system.

The extensive laboratory testing of B-Lines series metric cable ladder shows
that it exceeds the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association (NEMA)
VE-2 support recommendations for cable ladder installations.

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Four key design considerations

To achieve a lower total installed cost, Eaton recommends considering four key cable ladder design elements.

  • Longer straight section spans
  • Fitting support locations
  • Vertical adjustable support locations
  • Thermal expansion support locations

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Heavy duty ladder (HDL) series cable ladder

  • Designed for extreme cable and environmental load conditions where long spans (3m to 6m) can be utilized to decrease support costs
  • Ideal for heavy industrial applications where environmental conditions such as wind, snow, and ice add significant load requirements

Standard duty ladder (SDL) series cable ladder

  • Designed for applications where long spans (3m to 6m) can be utilized to decrease support costs while maintaining load requirements
  • Ideal for any cable management application where high cable loads are required

Learn more about structural steel savings.

Structural steel savings

Learn how you can save on structural steel supports by utilizing Eaton's B-Line series HDL and SDL cable ladder.

High performance ladder (HPL) series cable ladder

Designed to reduce overall weight in weight sensitive environments while increasing strength. Ideal for offshore and modular applications where weight is a challenge. 

To achieve this weight reduction and improve performance, the HPL series cable ladder features a unique I-Beam side rail design which carries up to 2.3 times more load than a traditional C-channel side rail.  This efficiency translates to a cable and environmental load increase while reducing weight by an average 5 percent. The I-Beam side rail is slotted for installation ease of splice plates and accessories, helping reduce the total installed cost.

To learn more, visit our weight savings solutions site.

Save 20 tons on offshore projects

B-Line series HPL cable ladder offers a unique combination of low weight and high strength that allows for increased load capacities and keeps offshore weight budgets in balance.

Benefits and application of B-Line series metric  aluminum series cable ladder 

Superior benefits

  • Fabricated from structural grade, copper free, (marine grade) aluminum extrusions
  • Features high strength to weight ratio 
  • Much lighter solution as compared to steel, for easier installations
  • Spans up to 9 meters unsupported

Application versatility

  • Excellent corrosion resistance in many chemical environments
  • Used for over thirty years in coastal petro-chemical plants and offshore FPSO facilities located globally
  • Typically, can perform indefinitely, with little or no degradation over time
  • Ideal for many chemical and marine environments

Cable tray use at high temperatures

A good understanding of how materials perform at extreme temperatures is critical to avoid serious injuries and expensive downtime.
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