Perf-O Grip safety grating
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Perf-O Grip safety grating

The Perf-O Grip grating surface is easy to install and features debossed holes and perforated buttons that provide maximum slip protection and performance under practically all conditions and in every direction.  These holes also allow fluids, mud, chips and other potential accident-causing debris to drain away. 

Original Perf-O Grip grating

With five-inch high side channels, Perf-O Grip walkways meet OSHA requirements for toe-boards on elevated structures.  Perf-O Grip cushions the impact of footfalls, thereby lessening worker fatigue and increasing efficiency. Canadian OH & S compliant designs are also available.

Perf-O Grip II grating

  • Features 1 15⁄16" on center hole spacing (compared to 2" on the original style)
  • Can be produced with safety end margins on its 2-hole (5" wide) through 6 hole (12" wide) plank
  • Can be made without end margins on its 10-hole (18" wide) through 16-hole (30" wide) plank

Perf-O Grip grating benefits

  • Self-cleaning open design permits quick drainage of fluids, chips, grease and mud
  • Permits ventilation and lighting flow; ice accumulation shears easily under normal foot pressure
  • Easily cleaned with brush, liquid or air spray
  • No rivets or pressure joints to break or loosen
  • Long-lasting, rust-resistant materials and finishes
  • Standard mill-galvanized finish resists corrosion to provide lasting surfaces
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