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Pipe guides and slides

Eaton offers a wide variety of pipe slide and guide options in various materials, finishes and sizes.  For a full line of pipe slides and pipe guides, view or download the pipe hanger catalog.


Pipe slide assembly series

The B-Line series slide assemblies are designed to support pipe where horizontal movement from expansion and contraction is present. 

  • Includes catalog numbers: B3891, B3892, B3893, B3894, B3895, B3896, and B3897

Pipe alignment guides

The B-Line series pipe alignment guides are used to help direct thermal expansion of insulated or non-insulated pipe in the direction permitted by expansion joints or loops. The use of two or more guides on both sides of an expansion joint or loop is recommended. Pipe lines should be supported with hangers or rollers so that when properly installed, the guides will not be supporting any pipe loads. 

  • Includes catalog numbers:  B3281 series, B3282 series, B3283 series, B3284 series, B3285 series, B3286 series and B3287 series