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Riser Clamps

B-Line series riser clamps are used for supporting vertical pipes in commercial applications. They are available in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes.

B3373 series riser clamps

The B3373 riser clamps are available in a standard material and finish, as well as a felt lined riser clamp (B3373F) for copper tubing, a PVC coated riser clamp option (B3373C). 

B3373 riser clamp
B3373 size range is 1/2" (15mm) to 30" (760mm) pipe


The B3373CT copper tubing riser clamps feature the Eaton Dura-Copper finish. The B3373CTC version features the Dura-Copper finish plus a PVC coated finish. They are available in size ranges from 1/2" (15mm) to 6" (150mm) copper tubing.

B3373F riser clamp felt lined
B3373F size range is 1/2" (15mm) to 21/2" (65mm) copper tubing
B3373C riser clamp PVC coated
B3373C size ranges is 1/2" (15mm) to 6" (150mm) pipe