Pre-fabricated assemblies
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Pre-fabricated assemblies

Whether you run your own pre-fab shop or simply want maximum project control, Eaton’s basic Ruff-IN prefabricated assemblies can provide a profitable solution that perfectly suits your operation.

Keep control of your project, keep your crew working and garner the cost- and time-saving benefits of pre-fab with basic Ruff-IN assemblies.

Basic Ruff-IN electrical prefabrication solutions

  • Pre-assembled components make installation faster and easier
  • UL-approved assemblies
  • Innovative, versatile design that drive time savings
  • Many tool-less installation products

Faster, less complex installs with basic
Ruff-IN assemblies

Eaton offers a wide variety of B-Line series basic rough in assembly options that help minimize on-site installation complexity and errors. 

View the specification page or Ruff-IN catalog for more information.

Rung rings around the competition

Win tight bids and beat the profit squeeze with our revolutionary Rapid Ring self-adjusting pre-fab ring. Installing in as little as 15 seconds with 4 easy steps, Rapid Ring can compress your project schedule, yield significant time savings and help you increase your profits.

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