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Sway brace attachments

TOLCO sway brace attachments have been installed around the world for bracing pipe against sway and seismic disturbance where earthquakes are prevalent. Our UL listed and FM approved quality seismic bracing products are confidently relied upon by the fire protection industry. Sway brace attachments are the pipe attachment component of a complete sway brace assembly, and used in conjunction with an upper attachment, and joined together with bracing pipe per NFPA 13. 

For support in selecting the correct sway brace attachment for your application, contact our Seismic Engineering experts.

TOLCO Fig. 3000

A first in the market, the TOLCO Fig. 3000 is UL listed as a sway brace for CPVC and IPS pipe from 1 to 3". The patented design does not compress the plastic pipe, and the brace pipe to system pipe offset keeps the brace pipe from leaving harmful residue and oils on the plastic pipe.

The Fig. 3000 is used in conjunction with a Fig. 900 Series fitting and joined together with bracing pipe per NFPA 13, forming a complete sway brace assembly.

Fig 4L Sway Brace Attachment

TOLCO Fig. 4L sway brace attachment

TOLCO Fig. 4L is designed to attach to system pipe from 1 to 12” and is used with strut channel or pipe as the brace member. Approved as both a longitudinal and lateral brace, allows for the consolidation of the number of brace configurations to a single product. 

Break-off bolt heads at the pipe clamp and brace member connection helps provide visual verification of proper torque and installation. Also features a smaller profile jaw of stamped steel for installation in limited space applications. Also, available in metric pipe sizes.

Tested and UL Listed to the new UL203A standard for a 2.2 safety factor rating and improved load ratings.

TOLCO Fig. 1001 sway brace attachment

To form a complete lateral sway brace assembly per NFPA 13, use TOLCO Fig. 1001,  TOLCO Fig. 900 series fitting  and bracing pipe.    

The unique design of the Fig. 1000 requires no threading of the bracing pipe and comes assembled, ready for installation.  It also features break-off bolts to help ensure visual verification of correct installation.

Tested and UL listed to the new UL203A standard for a 2.2 safety factor rating and improved load ratings, and available in metric pipe sizes.


OSHPD OPM-0052-13 Pre-Approval

Our OSHPD OPM-0052-13 pre-approval features TOLCO seismic products and B-Line series products for California Building Code 2013 and 2016, and International Building Code 2012 and 2015. Utilize our pre-approved seismic engineering guidelines to assist with your next project design, bracing layout, and submittal package for piping, ducts, conduits, cable trays and other systems. TOLCO seismic engineers helped to develop OPM testing methods with OSHPD and is the only pre-approval to include cable tray hold down clamps.
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