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Threaded Accessories

Eaton's B-Line series threaded accessories are designed to help reduce installation time on the job.  These accessories are available in a wide range of types and sizes for a variety of mechanical applications.

For more information, view or download the pipe hanger catalog.


B3200 weld-less eye nut

The weld-less eye nut is used in pipe installations where high strength and swivel action are required.  

B3188 standard u-bolt with hex nuts

This standard u-bolt includes 4 hex nuts and is recommended for support, anchor or guide of pipe.


B3202 turnbuckle

This standard turnbuckle is tapped right and left hand to provide 6" (152.4mm) take up (3" (76.2mm) rod take out)

B3203 extension piece

The extension piece is for use in attaching hanger rod to other attaches, and recommended for use with B-Line series B3054.


TOLCO Fig. 98 rod stiffener

The rod stiffener secures channel to hanger rod for vertical seismic bracing.   For rod stiffener with break-off bolt head, use TOLCO Fig. 98B. 

B3210 series eye rods

The B3210 right-handed and the B3210L left-handed threaded eye rods are designed for use as a support hanger rod that may be attached directly to a structure or to other pipe support products.   For heavier loads, use B-Line series B3211 or B3122L welded eye rods.