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Vibration isolation hangers

Vibration isolation hangers use a spring mechanism to dampen vibrations and isolate vibrations from the structure. They are used for suspended objects such as fans, ductwork, and piping.

Why is vibration isolation such a critical issue?

Without good vibration control, expensive equipment may fail faster, produce inaccurate results, and even make noise. In addition to vibration caused by motors, fans, and other equipment, some installations may suffer from seismic activity that can create acute and damaging levels of vibration. If frequencies of vibration are allowed to pass into the structure, they may cause significant damage to the building and surrounding systems.

The importance of vibration isolation efficiency

Reduction of vibration does more than just eliminate a nuisance; it can also help prevent a variety of problems, such as:

  • Loosening of bolts, screws, and other fixtures: Facilities that neglect vibration control may spend more time and money on typical maintenance.
  • Disruption of or damage to sensitive equipment: Sensitive equipment may produce inaccurate results and fail faster when subjected to uncontrolled vibration.
  • Production losses and energy inefficiencies: Equipment subject to vibrations may have to work harder and may fail more rapidly, resulting in more energy consumption and extra downtime.