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EP-2 multipurpose grease

Eaton EP-2 grease is a multi-purpose, high performance NLGI Grade 2 lithium-complex grease for a variety of uses in both on- and off-road applications, where the use of conventional lithium grease is limited. Its excellent low temperature behavior makes it suitable for extreme climate conditions across the country, and its anti-friction properties reduce shudder. 

EP-2 grease is recommended for lubrication of U-joints, tripod CV joints, drive shafts, release bearings in clutches and brakes with high temperature conditions. It is also suitable for machinery in construction, dredging, forestry, marine, and mining where this type of grease is required.


Extreme performance
Suitable for extreme climate conditions
On/Off Road Applications
Use where conventional lithium grease use is limited
Chassis and wheel bearings


  • Improved extreme pressure and rust protection
  • Copper and iron corrosion resistance
  • Extended bearing life
  • Low oil bleed
  • Provides greater "wash off" resistance
  • Performs in high and low temperatures
  • Excellent elastomer compatibility
  • Meets NLGI GC-LB (Chassis and Wheel Bearing) requirements
  • Recommended operating temperatures between -40°C and +150°C
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