IntelliConnect remote diagnostics
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IntelliConnect remote diagnostics

Eaton IntelliConnect™ connects your current telematics provider data with Eaton expertise to provide insight into the operation of Eaton and Eaton Cummins automated transmissions in your fleet.

IntelliConnect remote diagnostics provides near real-time monitoring of vehicle fault codes, prioritizes the critical events, and provides accurate and comprehensive action plans by our technical experts that will increase your uptime by reducing unplanned downtime and quicker repair diagnosis.

It’s built on an open architecture, which means that we’ll work with your preferred telematics provider. Customizable delivery of information means alerts can be provided via email, OEM portal, your own telematics portal, or our intuitive and informative portal.

Eaton IntelliConnect is included with every Eaton and Eaton Cummins automated transmission. Our vehicle system experts create comprehensive fault code action plans beyond just reading transmission fault codes. Using a holistic systems approach, we look at data from other vehicle components to determine potential root causes and solutions.

No one knows automated transmissions better than our team of experts. Other telematics systems provide limited insight into Eaton and Eaton Cummins transmission fault codes, but only IntelliConnect can diagnose our complete list of fault codes.

Real-time monitoring
Quickly identify concerns
Fault code action plans
Reduce diagnostic time
Included with all Eaton and Eaton Cummins AMTs

Real-time integration of technology, expertise, and solutions

  • Live monitoring of fault information
  • Location and map view
  • Fault severity identification
  • Fault code action plans
  • Vehicle history
  • Vehicle watchlist
  • Severity activity report (online and PDF)
  • Custom alerts provided by email, OEM portal, or Eaton IntelliConnect portal

Discover the benefits of IntelliConnect in this short video

IntelliConnect: IoT innovation at every turn

Remote diagnostics on the IntelliConnect platform optimize efficiency through the real-time integration of technology and transmission expertise. Another way we bring to market digital innovations that positively impact your products, processes, and bottom line.

How to sign up

Are you ready to take control of your Eaton Cummins automated transmission data? Start by signing up with one of our telematics partners listed below. Then enroll with Eaton.

IntelliConnect telematics partners

We want to support your fleet. If your provider is not shown, please contact your provider and request IntelliConnect registration.