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PS-386 synthetic lubricant

Eaton’s PS-386 Synthetic transmission lubricant is designed for fuel efficiency, extended drain intervals, and severe service in heavy-duty commercial vehicle transmissions which require a non-EP transmission lubricant. It is specially formulated to protect higher torque transmissions coupled with increased horsepower engines. It is approved for use in Eaton and Eaton Cummins manual and automated transmissions such as Endurant HD, Endurant XD, UltraShift PLUS, Fuller Advantage, FR, and RT Series.

Extended drain intervals
Fuel Economy
Up to 1.5% improvement


  • Up to 1.5 percent fuel economy improvement while maintaining excellent shear stability.
  • Provides high performance and extended drain capabilities in transmissions.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability which resists deposit and sludge formation.
  • Advanced additive system provides excellent protection from corrosion, foaming, rust, and wear.
  • High viscosity index synthetic base fluid allows for superior high and low temperature performance.
  • Provides friction retention, friction durability, and excellent shear stability to ensure and maintain smooth transmission operations throughout the extended drain interval.
  • Formulated to reduce sump operating temperatures.

Advanced Gear Wear Test

PS-386 lubricant excelled in one of the industry’s toughest gear wear tests, a rigorous test that simulates 250,000 miles (400.000 km) of wear. The gears pictured show the actual gears after the test. The gear run with PS-386 lubricant (left) shows four times less wear than the gear run with standard mineral oil (right). Lower gear wear means longer life of your transmission.

Enhanced copper corrosion protection

PS-386 lubricant excels in preventing copper corrosion. The copper tubing pictured shows actual copper tubing from a transmission cooler, tested in an advanced 7 day accelerated copper corrosion test that simulates 500,000 miles (800.000 km) of wear. The copper run with PS-386 lubricant (left) shows no corrosion while the copper run with standard mineral oil (right) shows severe corrosion. Less copper corrosion means longer life for your transmission and cooler.
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