Series LMG (Multiple AMG fuse holder)
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Series LMG (Multiple AMG fuse holder)

Eaton offers a heavy duty power distribution module called the LMG used for main branch primary fusing and accepts multiple (two, three or five) industry standard AMG (mega) fuses. Using a common input bus bar, the LMG requires just one input connection to power all fuses, providing efficient power distribution suitable for challenging applications. 


  • Sizing: 2, 3 and 5 positions available
  • Ratings: Maximum total combined rating is 300A continuous*
  • Temperature: -40°C (-40°F) to 85°C (185°F)
  • Termination: 5/16 - 18 or M8 studs, nuts and lock washers for fuse and surface mounting
  • Torques:
  • Mounting: 100 in-lbs max
  • Power input/output: 120 in-lbs max
  • Material:
  • Housing: Black UL-Rated 94V0 thermoplastic
  • Cover: Red EPDM cover for protection from accidental shorts
  • Studs: Plated steel


  • Fuse options: LMGs may be supplied with various fuse configurations. If fuses are selected, the input side of fuses are torqued to specification at Eaton factory and given a custom part number.
  • Mounting hardware: Installed or in bulk (English/Metric available)
  • Cover: Installed, in bulk or no cover.