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Engine Brake

Eaton's decompression engine braking technology for medium- and heavy-duty diesel engines delivers high braking power and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for truck owners.

Eaton offers rocker arm-based 1 stroke, 1.5 stroke, and 2 stroke systems for overhead cam and cam in block engine architectures. 

The compression release engine brake provides several advantages to the commercial vehicle truck owner:

  • Reduces brake and tire wear
  • Avoids overheating and fading of primary brakes
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for a driveline retarder

Engine Brake types in comparison


1.5 and 2 stroke

  • Enables one additional brake cycle per cam revolution
  • Enhances maximum braking power throughout the engine speed range up to 75% vs. conventional single stroke engine brake. Can replace retarder on some applications
  • Compatible with SOHC and DOHC engine architectures

Learn more about our 1.5 stroke engine brake

Eaton 1.5 stroke engine brake system delivers 50% higher braking power at low speed vs conventional engine braking. This is achieved by having one additional compression release event per engine cycle. A deactivating rocker arm in combination with an engine brake rocker arm disables the regular exhaust valve motion allowing a second valve opening at top dead center.


Dedicated rocker

  • Single stroke braking
  • Dedicated brake cam lobe and rocker
  • Maximum braking power for single stroke systems
  • Maximum flexibility in cam design
  • Compatible with SOHC and DOHC engine architectures
  • Higher space claimed compared to Integrated Rocker solution

Integrated rocker with reset

  • Single stroke braking
  • One cam lobe and one rocker for exhaust and brake lift
  • Re-set during lift: valve closing profile will not change in brake mode
  • Automatic lash adjustment on brake valve lift
  • Similar braking performance to Dedicated Rocker
  • Better packaging than Dedicated Rocker
  • Compatible with cam in block and SOHC architectures
eaton-cvva-integrated-rocker-without reset-graphic.jpg

Integrated rocker without reset

  • Single stroke braking
  • One cam lobe and one rocker for exhaust and brake lift
  • Closing timing delayed in brake mode
  • Easier packaging than Dedicated Rocker and Integrated Rocker with reset
  • Compatible with cam in block and SOHC architectures


  • Fast response: activation and deactivation within one engine revolution
  • Minimized load on the system with maximum braking performance: engine brake on one single valve
  • Tight tolerance control ensures high consistency of valve lift