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Engine valves

Eaton is the leading global supplier of engine valves, supplying nearly all vehicle and engine manufacturers worldwide.

Solutions such as hollow valve manufacturing, seat welding, salt bath nitriding, and continuous materials and coatings development overcome the issues of increased temperatures, combustion pressures, corrosion and seat wear.

For more than 85 years, Eaton has been designing and developing engine valve technologies for manufacturers that require high quality valves for gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel engines.

High performance designs and materials

Eaton hollow head valves

Eaton differentiates itself by using innovative technology to produce engine valves.

Engine downsizing coupled with increased power density requires valves with higher strength and temperature resistance. This challenge can be addressed with high performance materials, special seat and stem coatings, lightweight and hollow valves, which enable internal cooling.

Eaton hollow valves ensure engine knocking reduction enabling fuel economy, catalitic converter efficiency and specific power increase

Improved wear resistance

  • Martensitic, Austenitic and Ni-base alloys ensure proper temperature/oxidation resistance for specific applications
  • CrutoniteTM  base material enables seat wear resistance without the need for facing
  • Iron, nickel and cobalt base seat facing materials improve wear resistance high temperature, dry fuel condition and severe performance applications
  • Stem coatings enable appropriate valve stem wear resistance
  • Thermal barrier coatings minimize gas enthalpy loss
  • PVD coatings improve gas flow and reduce carbon deposits

Proven reliability for increased power

  • Lightweight solutions for intake valves
  • Hollow sodium-cooled exhaust valves reduce mass and increase reliability on downsized engines with high specific power    
  • Hollow head valves enable further mass decrease and improve engine knock tendency to increase engine efficiency (fuel consumption and performance) 

What is Crutonite?

Crutonite (EMS 200) is Eaton's Automotive News PACE Award-winning, proprietary high-temperature exhaust valve alloy with reduced nickel content.It can be used on intake or exhaust valves.

Key features and benefits:

  • Mechanical and physical properties better than conventional iron-based austenitic stainless steel alloys and comparable to nickel-based superalloys
  • Better seat wear resistance than conventional alloys without adding seat facing
  • Same acid corrosion resistance at lower cost than nickel-based superalloys for EGR-type diesel engines
  • Up to 40% lower nickel content compared to nickel-based superalloys
  • Lower nickel content reduces impact of market price fluctuation

Learn more about our valve and valvetrain manufacturing capabilities by watching this video

Eaton is a leading global supplier of engine valves. Our facilities utilize state-of-the-art and proprietary technology to manufacture a range of products for the automotive, commercial vehicle, off-highway, agriculture, and motorcycle markets.

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