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Advantage Self-Adjust Clutch

Eaton’s Advantage® self-adjusting clutch is the best selling clutch in North America. It is designed and manufactured to strict Original Equipment (OE) specifications, delivers more protection and less maintenance, and offers maximum uptime and performance. Advantage is a self-adjusting clutch, which keeps the clutch in constant adjustment by maintaining bearing release position. Only a self-adjusting clutch should be used when replacing a clutch in a hydraulic release system. Advanced vibration control technology provides exceptional durability and long life.
Best Clutch
Original Equipment specificiation
Torque Ratings
1650 ft.lbs - 2250 ft.lbs
3 year / unlimited miles ​


  • New strap drive eliminates lug rattle and fatigue for quieter operation and extended clutch life
  • Patent-pending spring separator allows for quick clutch disengagement for fast shifting and ultra-low drag for clean release
  • Easy-to-see wear indicators in two locations offer improved visibility for better serviceability
  • Soft-rate damper absorbs engine vibrations to protect drivetrain components and enables engine downspeeding at torque ratings up to 1850 lb. ft.
  • 50,000 mile release bearing lube interval
  • Standard 3-year/350,000 miles (production) or 3-year/unlimited miles (aftermarket) warranty

The next evolution of clutch design

Building on more than one hundred years of driveline design experience and millions of miles of proven durability, Eaton's Advantage self-adjust clutches are the smoothest, most durable clutches Eaton has developed.

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