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Centrifugal refrigeration clutches

Centrifugal clutches for road transport temperature control units.

Eaton supplies centrifugal clutches to leading manufacturers of temperature control units for commercial refrigerated trucks and trailers.​

Transport refrigeration equipment, cold chain monitoring solutions and replacement components help to protect global food supply and other perishable cargo. Centrifugal clutches are one of the key components to drive the compressor of a refrigeration unit.​

It acts as a coupling element to transfer torque from the engine to the compressor. The engine builds up sufficient torque and then transmits the torque to the compressor.​

Genuine OEM equipment
Contolled engagement
Smooth and automatic engagement at specified speed
Durable and maintenance free


  • OE tested, proven technology and state of the art durability
  • Provide smooth and automatic engagement at given speed
  • No external power source needed​
  • Prevent the stalling of the engine​
  • Absorb engine vibration and prevent radial load being delivered to the compressor shaft.​
  • Dry friction technology with non-asbestos material​
  • Enable to handle higher torque at lower rpm​
  • Wide operating temperature range (from -50 °C up to +90 °C)​
  • 100% tested for torque and engagement speed​
  • The engagement speed can be precisely controlled by design​

Transport refrigeration clutches

Eaton´s centrifugal clutches stand for their reliability and durability proven in the field for more than 10 years. Eaton supplies centrifugal clutches to the major OEMs who manufacture temperature control units for the commercial refrigerated trucks and trailers industry.
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