Raxton Stopping plugs (tamperproof, RX, hexagon & dome)
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Raxton Stopping plugs (tamperproof, RX, hexagon & dome)

The comprehensive Raxton range of stopping plugs are designed to close off any unused entries in electrical equipment, whilst maintaining existing certification and ingress protection.

Offering flameproof (Exd) and increased safety (Exe) protection, a wide range of operating temperatures can be achieved (from -60 to +200 °C) depending on the O-ring or sealing washer used.

The range covers five design types: tamperproof plug (CF), RX plug (CB), hexagon head (CK), dome head plug (CQ) and hollow hexagon head (CY).

Protection type
Exd – Flameproof / Exe – Increased Safety
Operating temperature
-60 to +200 °C ; depend on O-ring or sealing washer used

Protection category

Five types in the metallic stopping plug range

Type CF Raxton tamperproof stopping plug

Tamperproof Plug - Type CF

Tamperproof Plugs are inserted from the outside with the Allen key towards the enclosure and then tightened from the inside to leave a flush finish to prevent unauthorised removal.

Type CB RX Raxton stopping plug

RX Plug - Type CB

RX Plugs are inserted with the Allen key pointing away from the box and tightened from the outside.

Type CY Raxton hollow hexagon head stopping plug

Hollow Hexagon Head Plug - Type CY

A hollow version of the Hexagon Head Plug but still with Exd/Exe certification.

Type CK Raxton hexagon head stopping plug

Hexagon Head Plug - Type CK

Hexagon Headed Plugs are inserted from the outside and fastened by means of a spanner. They can be fitted with a washer to increase the IP rating of the assembly.

Type CQ Raxton dome head stopping plug

Dome Head Plug - Type CQ

Can be offered as an alternative to the Hexagon Headed version. Glass filled nylon version available in CQ type only.

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