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MLocker locking differential

Eaton's MLocker mechanical locking differential provides drivers best-in-class traction without the need for push-buttons, shift knobs or other intervention method. Utilizing a flyweight mechanism and self-energizing clutch system, the Eaton MLocker engages in low traction situations when a wheel speed difference of 100 RPM or greater (left-to-right) is detected.

Automatic locking takes place within a fraction of a second, providing the driver with increased safety and confidence when traveling on wet or icy roads, gravel, mud and dirt. The mechanical locker is also compatible with existing anti-lock brake and vehicle stability systems, which simplifies platform integration for global OEMs.

Fully automatic engagement
Simple integration
Compatible with existing vehicle stability systems
100% Locking
Equal torque to both wheels


  • Automatic locking and unlocking
  • Best-in-class traction
  • Maintenance free
  • Compatible with existing anti-lock brake and vehicle stability systems
  • Easily integrated into EVs and eAxles

Automatic operation

During normal driving conditions, the MLocker (G80) functions as a light-bias limited slip differential. When a low-traction situation occurs that causes a wheel speed difference greater than 100 RPM, a flyweight mechanism opens to engage a latching bracket. The stopped flyweight triggers a self-energizing clutch system, forcing a cam plate to ramp against a side gear. Cam plate ramping will continue to increase until both axles turn at the same speed (full lock), which prevents further wheel slip. When the need for improved traction is gone - unlocking occurs automatically and the differential resumes normal operation.