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TVS V180

This model flows 180 cubic centimeters of air in one rotation.  Due to the low twist, it is ideal for low flow requirements.  It is a good option for increasing performance in a small (1.5 liters or less) engines.

The TVS V180 features high pressure capabilities which makes it ideal turbocharger/supercharger combination systems. Small dimensions and low mass allow greater packaging flexibility in tight engine compartments.

TVS V-Series provides improved efficiency, enabling the use of smaller units and reduced input power for boosting. It features high-pressure capabilities, enabling supercharger/turbocharger compound boosting systems, while it’s reduced mass enables greater packaging flexibility in constricted engine compartments.

Low speed flow can be improved by up to 50% compared to the TVS R-Series.

The peak thermal efficiency island is moved to lower speeds, which makes it a good match for compound boost systems. 

The increased low-speed volumetric efficiency allows peak torque at lower engine speeds or meeting low-speed torque targets with a lower drive ratio than R-Series units.

Achieving peak torque with a lower drive ratio results in less air that must be bypassed at higher speeds, which lowers parasitic losses and increases overall engine efficiency.

More airflow with reduced power consumption =  improved fuel economy!

Max rotor speed
Max Mass Flow Rate at PR 1.0
Outlet design
Axial or Radial


  • Integrated electromagnetic clutch compatable
  • High pressure seals available for high pressure applications
  • Compact 3-lobe lobe with 90 degree twist
  • Optimized rotor helix angles and length to diameter of rotor (L/D) ratios
  • Matched inlet port for improved fill event

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